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Dear visitors

To our foreign visitors, between you and us...

Whatever your type of accommodation or the length of your stay we are happy to welcome you in our town. Thank you for choosing Saint-Nic to discover this region of Brittany and appreciate the landscape, the specificities and regional specialties as well as the friendly welcome of our population.

The sea is widely present here and will bring you all the opportunities of water and wind activities. The ever changing sea, the country side and the beautiful hills contribute to create a peaceful area, an unforgettable sightseeing and enriching atmosphere.

We sincerely hope that your stay will take place in the best possible conditions and for that we are at your service and listening to you. The website of our town will bring you most answers to your questions but if necessary our tourist office will provide you with additional information. Do not hesitate to ask it.

Brittany is a beautiful wild land that is dedicated to visitors who are in love with simplicity and authenticity, seeking a renewal away from the excitement of city life. Indeed, simplicity and authenticity are part and parcel of Saint-Nic. You will appreciate them.

Do not be frightened with the weather forecast, several times a day the weather changes with the tides and each time the magic operates and lets you discover another more beautiful and captivating face of nature.

Your stay in Saint-Nic, will necessarily make you discover, among others, the churches, the dolmens, the coast, the marvelous beach, the shops, the market and the events of July and August enhancing local culture and traditions. In addition, if you are fond of hiking, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of paths along the coast or through the countryside. Do not forget, here or in the surroundings, to taste our local food, to visit our local handicraft shops and why not try to take part in our "breton" dances.

Here at home you will make yourselves at home, we offer you the best of our village and ourselves. Know how to appreciate it by respecting the codes of good elementary conduct essential to life in society. Some regulations, especially concerning security, are mandatory and we are certain of your understanding.

To fully satisfy our visitors is our challenge and our greatest satisfaction would be to see you again soon and regularly.

Once again do not hesitate to make your remarks to our tourist office. We are and remain at your disposal.


The Saint-Nic city council, the communication officer

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